Turkish Carli by David Dancey-Wood

Turkish Carli

One of the Monkey World Prints. This print is published by Hawksbill Fine Art in conjunction with Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. Profits raised go towards helping rescued primates from around the world.

Carli (pronounced Charlie) arrived at Monkey World on 24/05/02 and was born on 20/11/93 in the United States. He was captive born for the entertainment industry and appeared in the Jungle Book movie. As a television actor, he would have been taken from his mother at birth. Since 1998, Carli has been working in Turkey making a television series. His last owners realised that what he needed was companionship of his own kind and asked Monkey World to give him a retirement home and a family.

Release date:
Image size: 440mm x 248mm
Edition size: 495

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Turkish Carli by David Dancey-Wood

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