Paddy by David Dancey-Wood


One of the Monkey World Prints. This print is published by Hawksbill Fine Art in conjunction with Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. Profits raised go towards helping rescued primates from around the world.

Paddy is a male chimpanzee who was used as a photographer's prop in Spain. He arrived at the park on 13/07/87 and it is estimated that he was born during 1980. Paddy is the largest member of the group with silver hair on his back. When he arrived, he was contented with his own company and did not get involved with the others. He is now a successful group leader. Paddy keeps a close eye on his group making his status known only when absolutely necessary. He often displays to others by standing his hair on end, charging around, and making as much noise as possible.

Release date:
Paper size: 260mm x 340mm
Edition size: 495

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Paddy by David Dancey-Wood

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