Newcastle Revisited
Martin Stuart Moore

Newcastle Revisited by Martin Stuart Moore

Newcastle Revisited

Limited Edition Print 850 copies
Image Size 560mm x 406mm
Published in 2000

Print £ 95.00

Limited Edition Print 100 copies
Image Size 864mm x 635mm
Published in 2000

Print £ 150.00

For Stuart's return to Newcastle, he again used the buildings and landmarks that caught his eye.

Of course many of these had featured in his first composition and because of the strength of the riverside views, Stuart again created an imaginary scene looking north across Quayside.

The result is different and will prove as popular as his first work.

In the picture you can see the main central bridges, but Tynemouth appears upstream beyond the cranes of Wallsend! Talking of the Wall, this receives prominence including Carpenters Tower, as does the Castle and the two cathedrals. The classical offices of Quayside contrast dramatically with the naval architecture of the HMS Newcastle, on one of her regular visits to the city.

Many other familiar buildings appear as does the new Millennium Centre for life.

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