Museum Glass

Tru Vue® Museum Glass is the best glazing option for all framed works of art. It is the highest quality anti-reflective picture framing glass available in the industry. Tru Vue® has a proprietary manufacturing process, called Magnetron Sputtering, which produces an ultra protective, nearly invisible finish. It protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays and has the highest light transmission along with the lowest reflection rating of any other glass product. The result is consistent, durable quality and the most attractive display for artwork.

Technical Info:

* Reduces reflection by over 85% (to less than 1% of total light), the lowest possible reflection rating available with UV protection
* Provides the highest brightness and contrast levels available
* Optimal clarity for true color transmission
* Greatest color neutrality
* Protect works of art against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays

When To Use:

* Any artwork that would benefit from reflection-free viewing with UV protection
* Shadow boxes, multiple mat, or deep framing projects

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