Memories of Sydney
Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Sydney

Limited Edition Print 1500 copies

 Image Size 743mm x 524mm 
Published in 2000

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After the success of his English towns Stuart was persuaded to try his hand at one of the world's most beautiful cities — Sydney. Landing in Australia for the first time, early in 1999, he immersed myself in the city in the following weeks. As usual he tried to walk every street around the centre in search of suitable subjects for inclusion, this also assisted Stuart in gaining his orientation of Sydney, which was vital to his interpretation of the city back in the studio.

From the magnificent Opera House and Harbour Bridge to the historic Rocks and Macquarie Street buildings, to the varied landmarks that make Sydney what it is, like the Luna Park clown, il porcellino, Mrs Macquarie's chair, and even the giant crane at Garden Island. Not forgetting the influence of Port Jackson with its changing colours and the constant movement of ferries, boats and ships of every kind. All this had to be considered for inclusion along with the growing Olympic complex at Home Bush Bay!

When he had gained sufficient appreciation of the Sydney townscape, Stuart headed back to his studio in Stockport, loaded down with hundreds of photos and dozens of books and plans. Gradually, over four months and regularly working late into the night, Stuart created the ink and water-colour painting 'Memories of Sydney'.

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