Memories of Newcastle
Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Newcastle by Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Newcastle

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Stuart's first visit to Newcastle since his student days when he recalls standing on the Quayside sketching cranes and finding out about the chares (narrow lanes running down to the waterside). That was over thirty years ago. This visit to the city during some very damp January days in 1998, was not ideal for experiencing the warmth of the local stone, but nothing could hide the splendour of the bridges leading the eye (plus people and goods) straight into the centre.

There is an abundance of high quality townscape in a very compact area in Newcastle, and the streets of classical buildings can hardly be matched in another English city. Richard Grainger's 'Tyneside Classical' around Grey Street and Grainger Street is being regenerated as part an initial six year project. Greys monument towers over this part of town and it secured an important position in his composition.

Stuart couldn't resist a place for the Angel of the North which had just been erected; the Mallard steaming towards the High Level Bridge reminded him of a train journey as a child from London to Newcastle; Cunard's links with the Tyne which built the Mauretania, perhaps the most gracious of all the Atlantic passenger liners (he squeezed her into the scene); T. Dan Smith's legacy to the city — the Civic Centre; Stuart had to relaunch Turbinia, having admired her at the Newcastle Discovery Museum (world speed record of 40mph in 1897, Marine Steam Co, Wallsend); etc, etc, etc.

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