Memories of Manchester
Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Manchester by Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Manchester

Limited Edition Print 950 copies
Image Size 482mm x 381mm
Published in 1994

Print £ 75.00

Collectors Series
Open Edition Print
Image Size 9" x 6"

Double Mounted Print £ 45.00

Stuart's first large city centre — the one down the road from him — revealed nooks and crannies that he had not previously come across. Particularly interesting was the assumption that he knew the geography of the city. Stuart soon realised that he did not have a clear mental map of the centre. This was all put right starting early one Sunday morning by walking, and walking. . . for six hours.

Stuart finds that good orientation eases the development of the composition. The colours of the stone and brick in this prosperous Victorian city, the quality of the architecture, and the omnipresence of canal or river, made this an exciting project.

An extra tinge of interest came with the Queen's favourable comment on the composition and its hanging in Buckingham Palace.

Since his painting, the savage bomb of 1996 blew up a corner of the centre. This has now been extensively rebuilt, and there is more to come. After the explosion the most prominent building in his composition, The Wellington Inn, ended up being moved beam by beam and relocated to a site by the cathedral to enrich the townscape. What Stuart does on paper, happens in reality!

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