Memories of London
Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of London

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Work started on Memories of London early in 1996 when Stuart set off for London armed with good walking shoes a camera and many rolls of film. 'Walking London' was going to be essential for him to get his orientation of the many elements and areas of this giant city. Over several weekends Stuart walked about 100 miles snapping everything that caught his eye, checking out Westminster, Kensington, the Parks, across Mayfair and Soho, Bloomsbury, St Pancras, The Strand and the Inn's of Court, on eastwards towards The City with St Paul's and all that Wren added to the London skyline. Curving down towards the river with the Tower of London and Bridge and then westwards along the south bank wandering through Southwark with the riverside Globe theatre and into Lambeth with its Palace. And of course buses, red ones, and taxis, and people and activity — lots of it. Once he had finished this picture, seven months in all, little did Stuart think that he would be back to start a second vision of this capital city so soon.

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