Memories of Bristol 2
Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Bristol 2 by Martin Stuart Moore

Memories of Bristol 2

Limited Edition Print 1864 copies
Image Size 743mm x 524mm
Published on 25th June 2005

Print £ 125.00

Eight years have elapsed since Stuart painted 'Memories of Bristol'. The limited edition print sold out in record time and the artist has been requested on many occasions to revisit the city to create another composition in his unique capriccio style. Since his first painting Stuart has completed Edinburgh, three more of London, as well as the overseas cities of Sydney, Boston and Dublin. He is only able to finish one of these detailed works each year, and so it was not until 2004 that he could schedule a second visit to Bristol to prepare for a new painting.

After 'walking the city' Stuart returned to his attic studio in Wales with his sketches, photographs, guide books, and maps, to start the creative process that would take him eight months to complete. The result of this work appears above and reflects his appreciation for the special cityscape that Bristol has to offer. The orientation of this imaginary scene is from the north of the centre compared to the general view from Spike Island in the first painting.

Here the detail of St Michael's Hill and Colston Street are in the foreground with a scene down Christmas Steps to the revamped Centre Promenade figuring prominently. The detail of St Peter's and St Michael's churches and the Corn Street area are brought more to the fore in this composition. Needless to say, Park Street, the Clifton crescents, the Gorge, Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Floating Harbour play an important part in the creation of this imaginary cityscape.

Stuart wanted the limited edition prints of his painting to reflect a meaningful date in the history of the city, and decided on the opening of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1864 to be the determining number of copies that will be available.

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