London Revisited
Martin Stuart Moore

London Revisited

Limited Edition Print
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Collectors Series
Open Edition Print
Image Size 9" x 6"

Double Mounted Print £ 35.00

London Revisited followed the success of the Memories of London print. This meant that Stuart was back in London much earlier than expected, to get fresh ideas for the new composition. He decided to imagine himself on the north side of the city looking southwards, to contrast with the first image where he was looking across the Thames northwards.

Many of the famous landmarks reappear, in different aspect and scale, while others emerge for the first time, for instance The Dome (which was under construction), New Scotland Yard, Arsenal's efforts brought Highbury into the scene, and even a tube station has been revealed in this composition.

This second composition left Stuart's Originals even quicker than the first, and all the prints had been bought by galleries in twelve months. The original was a corporate purchase and appropriately hangs on the top floor of one of the City's skyscrapers.

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