Julian Heath Biography

I first started taking photographs when my Mother bought me a 35mm film camera with a standard lens when I was about 16 years old and I remember using the film makers recommended exposure settings for different lighting conditions.  It was a bit like using ‘P’ setting on modern digital cameras but less accurate!

I went to photographic evening classes to try and extend my skills and to learn many aspects of photography; lighting, exposure and printing techniques.

In the 70’s I took a three year C&G course in photography at Paddington Technical College.  This only covers the nuts & bolts of photography and was based around Commercial Photography only.

Since digital photography has become more predominant I became interested in creating fine-art photographs and needed to hone my skills within Photoshop to produce professional quality images.

I have always studied both film and digital photography books and magazines; learning to use as many techniques as I can; many can be useful for producing quality images but I feel it is better to put my own stamp or style into the images I produce.  Also, I have some close friends who are also photographers and we swap ideas and techniques but we know not to infringe on each other’s styles or market areas.

It’s important, I feel, to keep an open mind with regard to photography and art.  To learn from the great masters, and from modern artists alike in the use of light and shade, colours and contrasts, black and white tonal values and presentation.  To keep all aspects of photography in my mind and learn to exploit all these ideas and concepts to create an image that has that ‘edge’ over being just a photograph.

I will never stop learning as much as I can or that I find useful even if it’s only to be used at some later time.  There’s always something to be learnt and digested.

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