Conservation Glass

Conservation glass protects your picture from the damaging effects of light. You need light to see your art. Too much, however, can cause irreversible damage. It is the ultraviolet part of the spectrum which causes most damage.

Whereas normal float glass prevents only 45-50% of the UV light getting through to the image, conservation glass will cut out about 98%. In other words almost all of it.

Conservation Glass or UV Blocking Glass is constructed by applying an ultraviolet filter to one side of a sheet of float glass. It is this filter which, although allowing transmission of the visible part of the light spectrum and so allowing you to still see your art clearly, blocks the majority of the invisible but damaging range.

The conservation qualities of this glass can also be combined with non-glare or anti-reflective properties to provide an even wider choice of glazing options.

We use Tru Vue products which are available in varying formats to provide different types of speciality glazing. Tru Vue sets the standard for glazing that enhances, protects & beautifies. No other company has such a complete portfolio of high performance glazing options.

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