Charlie by David Dancey-Wood


One of the Monkey World Prints. This print is published by Hawksbill Fine Art in conjunction with Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. Profits raised go towards helping rescued primates from around the world.

Charlie is a male chimpanzee who was used as a photographers' prop in Spain. He arrived at the park on 05/06/89 and it is estimated that he was born during 1980. He is a large male with a drawn face and pointy ears. Charlie's history was traumatic. When he first arrived he was a drug addict, had a broken jaw, cataracts, and only four teeth. Charlie has a very strong character and is often seen displaying both to other chimps as well as to passing tanks on the road. He appears older than he is.

Release date:
Paper size: 377mm x 313mm
Edition size: 495

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Charlie by David Dancey-Wood

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