Battersea Power Station
Andrew Verdie

Battersea Power Station, 2014

High Dynamic Range Photograph
Titanium Paper
Double Mounted in Conservation Board

Framed in 30mm Metallic Pewter Cube Frame

(other framing options are available)

Image size: 750mm x 500mm
Overall frame size: 920mm x 675mm

Framed: £ 495.00

This photograph is HDR (High Dynamic Range) which is the combination of three images, one under exposed, one the correct exposure and the third is over exposed, these are then combined through specialist software to produce the look of the HDR image. This is then converted to black and white and adjusted further and printed on titanium paper which gives the photo a high quality finish and a metallic sheen. HDR photography is very well suited to buildings and architecture but there is still quite an art to gaining this much detail in an image.

The photo was taken in early 2014 from Grosvenor Road. The power station has been undergoing huge changes as part of a big re-development programme and, as such, will never look like this again.

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