Anti Reflective Glass

Anti reflective glass is regular glass with thin optical coatings of various metal oxides on both surfaces. This reduces the light reflection to less than 1% (float glass is around 8%) which means that you will be able to view your image with very little distraction due to reflection. Also as light transmission through the glass is greater than 97% (float glass is around 90%) you will be able to see the colours and textures of your image with incredible clarity.

There is no greenish cast to the image or matting due to the glass being manufactured as a low iron substrate. Less of the light absorbing impurities which give the green effect to float glass are present. The colours you will see are the true shades of your art and mount.

You will not be restricted in creatively mounting or shadow boxing your picture as anti-reflective glass may be used at any distance from the image without distortion.

The coatings on the surface of the glass are durable provided care is taken during cleaning. You should try to avoid touching the surface except with either a soft brush or a lint free cloth. If cleaning is needed you should preferably use a proprietary ammonia-free glass cleaner. You should be careful never to use abrasive cleaner, household cleaners or dirty cloths. Apply cleaning liquid onto the cloth and not directly onto the glass. Care should be taken not to allow the liquid to run under the lip of the frame.

When we have a customer with an image they wish to enhance with anti reflective glass we use Water White Mirogard. This premium anti reflective glass gives amazing results. We have only ever had delighted and satisfied customers when they see their picture framed with it. If you have a special piece of art which would benefit from using anti reflective glass we would recommend you ask us for this product.

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